January 27, 2019

February 11. Join Me for FeedTO and Give Where You Live.

I am one person, what can I do? This is a really important question and is asked a lot by people that want to make a difference and create positive change, but aren’t sure how or where to start. It’s something that I have asked myself more times than I can remember throughout this journey that I’ve been on since I was nine years old. I am answering this question on February 11th, 2019 with the launch of the 2nd FeedTO. […]
February 1, 2019

Five Things You Can do to Help People Experiencing Homelessness Right Now

It can feel like the many issues in our communities and the world seem so big and overwhelming that it’s hard to imagine that you can do anything that will will help. When it comes to an issue like homelessness – that you see in real life everyday – there are actions that you can take right now. I have always believed that little things add up to make a big difference. One of my big objectives for FeedTO is that […]
January 27, 2019

What I Want You To Know About Homelessness in Toronto

“Awareness is the greatest agent for change.” – Eckhart Tolle In other words, when you know about an issue, you can care about it. And when you care about it, you can take action on it. Homelessness is an issue that has always been on my radar. When you live in or travel to a big city, you see it. As I prepared to launch FeedTO this year, I read up on the state of homelessness in Toronto. It is not light […]
January 27, 2019

Corinne Hindes: Homelessness Activist, Co-Founder of Warm Winters

“You don’t have to change the world in a day, but you can change somebody’s world in a day.” When I interviewed Warm Winters Co-Founder, Corinne Hindes, this line literally took my breath away. It is everything I believe and I come back to it often. Getting to know Corinne and her journey with her best friend Katrine to found Warm Winters, was one of the greatest things for me personally that came out of writing my book. If you are […]